Why Kurdistan is Transforming From a Conflict Region into a Peaceful State


Photo Source: Scott Peterson/Getty Images

By Lawk Ghafuri

Since the end of WWI until the fall of Baathist Regime in Iraq, Kurdistan Region fought for their freedom against Baghdad, as many revolutions have been implemented by the Peshmerga forces all leaded by President Masoud Barzani and Mulla Mustafa Barzani throughout the years to gain freedom and showed the World that Kurds are always fighting for their Rights, which is having an Independent State.

Kurds started another phase with Baghdad post 2003, by cooperating with Baghdad and US Officials to establish a new Iraqi Government and constitution, also Declared a Federal Region that consisted all the Kurdish Cities except Kirkuk and other disputed areas. Furthermore, Kurdistan requested the Iraqi Parliament to implement the article 140 that would obtain the disputed areas back to Kurdistan Regional Government. Also, during 2011, Tensions between Kurdistan and Central Iraqi Government mounted as Baghdad sent forces to the areas near Kurdish disputed areas, which resulted in clashes between Iraqi Forces and Peshmerga Forces.

In 2014, Baghdad halted KRG’s shares from the Iraqi annual budget that made KRG to think about exporting Oil from its Oil fields independently without Baghdad confirmation. Also, during the same year Iraqi army units fled large parts of Iraqi territories and disputed areas including Kirkuk Kurdish province in the face of attacks by Islamic State in Iraqi and Syria. In addition, Peshmerga forces took control of Kirkuk and other Kurdish disputed areas and protected the citizen of the Kurdish city from the evil terrorists of ISIS that Iraqi Army units left them without shooting a single bullet protecting them. People in Kirkuk Kurdish province and other disputed areas welcomed the Peshmerga forces warmly for protecting their city and they were chanting that “Finally the article 140 have been implemented through ISIS” by forcing Iraqi army units to flee the city fearing from clashes with ISIS Militants.

it’s Important to note that, now Kurdistan Region has regained its control over the disputed areas including Kirkuk Kurdish province, as well as depending on its own natural resources to have a stronger Economy. Also, Kurdistan Region has strong relations with World Powerful states and that includes (Israel and Saudi Arabia in Middle East) and also (US and European Countries Worldwide), and that shows us our fight against Terrorism during the last 3 years made many countries and nations to be inspired by Peshmerga’s bravery.

“With Respect to the Kurds, they are a warrior nation that is politically moderate and has proven that they can be politically committed, and is worthy of Statehood” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during 2014 supporting Kurdistan region Referendum, as President Masoud Barzani during 2014 stated that Kurdish people of Kurdistan Region will hold a Referendum to decide on their own future whether; that have not been implemented until now as due to ISIS attacks and instability of Iraq.

In this regard, an Important question appears here and we Kurds should ask ourselves this question that, why every time we announce to implement a Referendum for Kurdistan Independency, ISIS and other Radical Militias in Iraq attacks our territories? as back in 2014 ISIS attacked Sinjar, and now ISIS are attacking Kirkuk and PMF/Hashd Al-Shaabi are attacking Sinjar. So, that proves Iraq will use every option to prevent Independency of Kurdistan Region or any steps that can step KRG toward Statehood.

Furthermore, when we talk about Baghdad’s Strategy toward Kurdistan independency Referendum, postponing of Hawija Offensive should be on the table, as postponing this operation by Iraqi forces is a tactic by Baghdad against Kurdistan Region to always remain Hawija a threat on Kirkuk, and that is working as Kirkuk frontlines are frequently being targeted by ISIS Militants on a daily basis, but Iraq uses another language to resist this Kurdish process by claiming that the country is not stable at the moment of time and it’s not suitable time to implement referendum, while it’s important to know that since WWI until this moment of time Iraq has never gone through a stable and peaceful period of time.

Recently President Masoud Barzani headed to Brussels to meet some officials and Discuss Referendum of Kurdistan for Independency, and that is a good step for Kurdistan to gain more support from Europe and show the World that Kurds of Kurdistan Region are legally implementing their rights without violating any countries constitution. Also, during President Barzan’s last meeting with KRG’s Political parties except Gorran Movement and Kurdistan Islamic Group, President Barzani Stated that “Kirkuk and all the other Kurdish cities and areas of Kurdistan region will decide whether to be an independent state or remain as a part of Iraq”.

Finally, when a Nation without a State have strong and stable force, depending on their own natural resources, and no longer able to share live with people who have been always executed their people for just fighting for freedom of a nation, I think Referendum and Splitting from such a failed state is a one way to go.

Lawk Ghafuri


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