Meeting a Great Peshmerga of Kurdistan And a Good Friend of Peshmerga


At World Economic Forum as a Young Kurd and Shaper, I had the chance to represent Kurdistan Region and Global shapers Erbil Hub which held in Amman Capital city of Jordan. During the 3 days of the conference, I had meetings with some international and regional Officials, but most importantly with the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, also with the German Minister of Defense (Ursula Von der Leyen).

First of all, my meeting with German Minister of Defense was during the first hours of the Conference as we meet in a bilateral meeting room. Moreover, my aim in this meeting was to thank the Minister herself and Germany for their efforts in supporting the Peshmerga forces while they are fighting against Terrorism in the region on behalf of the World. In return, she showed respect and thanked the Peshmerga forces and Kurdistan regional Government for their brave fight against Terrorism and being a safe haven for over 1.8 million Internal Displaced people and Refugees inside their territories.

On the other hand, I invited the German Minister of Defense to visit our Erbil Hub Cancer Support Center to see the Cancer patients and how the Shapers are responding and supports those fighting Cancer. In addition, the German Minister responded positively for this invitation and stated that she will consider this matter and give the Cancer Support Center a visit.

Secondly, later this day I met the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani with a company of several Shapers from Different Middle Eastern Countries. Furthermore, President Barzani warmly welcomed us in a bilateral meeting room, as I introduced the shapers to the President and asked him to briefly explain the reason of Kurdistan region’s referendum process and its consequences. President Barzani Stated that “Kurdistan region has always committed to the agreements that have been signed between Kurdistan and Baghdad, But Baghdad has been breaking those agreements one after another”. Moreover, President Barzani continued by showing the importance of the Peace process in Middle East in case Kurdistan Region becomes an Independent State by stating “Middle East needs more actions to tackle the terrorism in the region by showing respect what Kurdish people of Kurdistan Region decide on their own future as a first step”.

Finally, I thanked President Masoud Barzani for his warm welcoming us and urged that Kurdish people of Kurdistan Region needs Self-Determination more than any time before. Furthermore, President Barzani stated that he is grateful to see young Kurdish participants in such a Conference and asked us to motivate more young Kurdish people to participate in such a Conferences and be part of the decisions that will be taken to shape Middle East and many other Sectors of the Region.

Lawk Ghafuri


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