Why it is Time For Kurdistan to Divorce Iraq


Mideast Iraq
Photo by (AP Photo/Bram Janssen)



For many decades Kurds have been fighting for their Freedom desperately, and that is a clear sign that Kurds in Kurdistan Region can’t share their life with Iraq anymore. Moreover, the leaders of Iraq always tried to destroy Kurds and avoided the acceptance of Kurdish people’s right, that includes both (Sunni and Shiite Leaders of Iraq).

Kurdish people always dreamed to have a free state and always fought for that. On (1946) Republic of Mahabad for the first time a Kurdish state been established in Rojhelat of Kurdistan (West of Iran), but been destroyed by Iran after only 11 months, as well as executed the president of the Kurdish State (Qazi Muhammed). After the recent ISIS attacks on Iraq, the Iraqi forces were leaded by Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki withdrew from KRG Disputed areas to make the innocent people a victim of ISIS brutality. Furthermore, after withdrawal of Iraqi forces from the disputed areas, Peshmerga forces were the only force who protected the people in those disputed areas and prevent ISIS to genocide them.

Now Kurdistan region is going through a War against Terrorism, a Severe Economic Crisis and a Political Crisis, and for all of that Kurdish people of KRG blaming Baghdad, as Baghdad Cut the Annual KRG’s Budget share , also KRG fighting ISIS is due to the weak and corrupted policy of the Iraq army previously.

Independent Kurdistan doesn’t need a suitable time nor acceptance or permission from any countries around the World, as we (Kurds) should make it happen by Uniting and stepping toward independency, while our hands are holding each others regardless to out political and Social backgrounds.

In fact, KRG’s people now wants to Divorce Iraq more than anytime before, to no more sacrifice or lose generations to fight for Freedom of Kurdistan.


Lets Unite and Divorce Iraq Together….


Lawk Ghafuri


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