In case Kurdistan Divorced Iraq after 25th of September: –

In case Kurdistan Divorced Iraq after 25th of September: –


First of all, Removing Kurdish Language on Iraqi Passport and all the Kurdish Posters in the Iraqi Provinces and counting Kurdish Language as a foreign language, also refusing passport of all the Kurdish citizens inside #Kurdistan Region and all over #Iraq, including the Shia (Feyli) Kurds, and every Kurdish Citizen will be treated as a foreign in #Iraq. In addition, All the Kurdish Citizens who are working for the #Iraqi Government will be out of the Office including the Presidency Office, and all the other Kurdish Employees in Governmental Sectors will also be out of the office. In fact, that includes all the Kurdish Citizens who works in the Iraqi Embassies and General Consulates around the World.


Secondly, the Iraqi Government will deal with the Peshmerga Forces and its Commanders as a Foreign and External Force, and Sending back all the Peshmerga Commanders who are currently in Duty in Baghdad. Moreover, closing all the Kurdish Parties and Governmental offices in Iraq Excluding the local Kurdish NGOs who needs approval of the Iraqi Government to Work.


When it comes to Properties, all the Kurdish Citizens who will be transferred to Kurdistan can only transfer their Cash but their properties will go to the Real Estate Department of Iraq. Also, The Kurdish Citizens who will choose to stay and live their life on the Iraqi territories have to get an official stay at Ministry of immigration of Iraq. However, all their properties will seize by the Real Estate Department of Iraq after their death and they won’t be able to buy or sell any of their properties while they are alive.


It’s also important to note, that no clear information is available about the future of the Disputed areas post-independency of Kurdistan, as Baghdad still refuses the idea of Kurdistan region implementing Kurdistan referendum in the disputed areas, and Kurdistan region insists to include the Disputed areas in the Kurdistan referendum for independency.


Lets Unite to Divorce Iraq…


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